group-people-silhouette.jpg BusinessPundit asks What Role Do Peers Play In Entrepreneurship?:

An interesting new research paper examines the role of peer influences on entrepreneurship. Since most entrepreneurs are employed in corporations before they go out on their own, the study examines how peers at those corporations effect perceptions of entrepreneurship and the likelihood of starting a business. It turns out that entrepreneurial attitudes build through feedback loops. The more entrepreneurs that come out of a place, the more likely the other employees are to become socialized to the idea, and to be more keen to market opportunities. This could explain why some businesses spin off many other startups, while others don’t.

Now, what’s that got to do with the subject matter of this blog? I’m thinking about the environments we cultivate in our church communities… one which encourages people to move on and replicate or one which continues to draw people together and collect them. One which releases people to function in and express their gifts, to live missionally… or one which functions attractionally, gathering them so that a few can function in and express their gifts ministering to the many. I’ve always equated entrepreneurs and church planters… both draw on much the same gifts expressed in different ways in different forums. What do you think — is this a valid connection? What does this tell us about the kind of environment we should be cultivating in our communities?

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