pencil-knot.jpg A cross between an accomplishment and a confession: it’s been more than three years since I missed a day of blogging. When I want a day off (or a week off), I schedule posts so that there’s fresh content every day on the blog… big or small, some little thing every day. Sometimes I actually have a surge in blog traffic when it’s unattended — presumably because I’ve future-posted something good, or at least better-than-average. Every now and then though, I hit a dry patch where I don’t feel particularly inspired in any direction at all. Lately I’ve been vacillating between uninspired and fatigued. I can usually deal with one or the other… but the combination is difficult. I actually have been battling an unusual degree of fatigue since Christmas, and what energy I have is spoken for by a few priorities ahead of blogging… and I get worn out too quickly these days. In case you couldn’t tell, today is one of those days. For those who blog, what do you blog about when nothing really strikes you? Or do you have the good sense (unlike some of us) to say nothing?

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