greekwinners.jpg A number of us have been offering our own blog-year-in-review with some of what we feel has been our best work this past year. I got to wondering what the top ten, or top three, or simply best blog post of the year would be within the emerging/missional conversation. I’ve got a few favorites and some that were personally meaningful or signficant; some that made waves, some funny… posts that stand out for a variety of reasons. I’m curious what everyone else things, but I want to put up the first two nominations, in chronological order:

What other nominations might be made? There have been a lot of outstanding or significant posts in the past year. These two stood out for me without a lot of thinking, but what else might be on the “long list” of best emc posts of 2007? Here it comes: let’s start a meme. Nominate a best post in the comments here or on your own blog with a link or trackback here and to the post you’re nominating. Go ahead and order them if you like and perhaps we’ll come up with some way of voting for the best, most insightful, most significant post of 2007. Nominations can be categorized or not, but must relate to the emerging/missional conversation, and you cannot nominate one of your own posts. Nominations are open!

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