Ratatouille: Remy with spoon So, what’s been cooking this past week? I’ve been taking it easy, trying to de-stress, reading words printed on dead trees, and mostly ignoring my blog reader, which now runneth over. I’ll get caught up slowly over the next week-ish, I expect. Christmas-the-event was made as quiet as possible and passed by with little fanfare, though we’re staying in the Christmas season. If you’ve been reading sparingly over the past week, you’ll still want to catch up on some of my posts — I particularly recommend yesterday’s, but you know… they’re all good! ;^) This being the time of year for reflecting and projecting, sometime in the coming week or so I’ll produce a list of what I felt were my best posts this past year. I normally make some sort of annual prognostications and check in on how my predictions were from last year… not sure yet what I’ll say about the year ahead, but I suppose I should review nonetheless. I’m pleased to make Randy McRoberts’ Top Ten, even if I didn’t make Michael Spencer’s cut like my friend Bill Kinnon. But hey, probably the best 111 minutes spent staring at a screen this past year: Ratatouille, hands down.


  1. In Christmas in the Empire, William Willimon suggests that if we place ourselves in the Christmas story, we’re more akin to Herod and Ceasar than to the shepherds and the magi. Ouch.
  2. Bible-icious? “Maybe that’s what Incarnation is – a thin crack down the middle of everything that most of us don’t notice.”
  3. Kaili Kinnon sings O Holy Night — beautiful. In the Kinnon house, you get an idea and just walk across the hall to record it professionally. (listen/download)
  4. Christmas Word Origins… “reindeer deer”? Rickard, is that true?
  5. Len points out another Christmas item on YouTube: “And little Mary full of grace / With the tears upon her face / And no mother’s hand to hold..”
  6. A story by J.B. Phillips (HT: Darryl Dash)
  7. Trevin Wax: Christmas Quotes
  8. In Review:

  9. ’tis the season of year-in-review posts, such as the Out of Ur blog’s Top 10 Posts of 2007
  10. A Year in Spiritualisms…
  11. Words of the Year for 2007, including “coffee art
  12. Regular Random:

  13. Oscar Peterson has passed away: Oscar Peterson: Virtuoso pianist who dominated jazz piano in the second half of the 20th century; CBC: obituary & profile.
  14. Paul Fromont points out an mp3 of note: Jean Vanier and “The Wisdom of Tenderness”
  15. Michael Spencer reviews Paul Louis Metzger’s Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church. I’d have published my own review, but I read slowly… and have been interrupted by John Grisham’s Playing For Pizza: A Novel and Peter Mayle’s A Good Year.
  16. Release date announced for Robbymac’s Post-Charismatic book. Mark your calendars.

I’m going to leave it abbreviated there… given the season, I imagine many folk have as little time to read as I do, but Scot McKnight has some more links if you exhaust these ones.

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