car-on-map.jpg Where have I been this week? Well, with a major site relaunch (don’t miss the Seabeck video), I was short on browsing/blogging time, but nonetheless…

    Advent — Stuff from folks besides the Johannine Advent Bloggers:

  1. The Old Bill: prayer of Mary the refugee
  2. Rachelle Mee-Chapman: Nativity Tales for Children
  3. Father Jake: Advent Begins
  4. Ron Cole: Advent…creating quiet space…waiting
  5. Advent at Mars Hill
  6. Advent Waiting: “This is a space set aside for some Parents looking to jump with our young kids into the story of God’s justice coming near as we wait for Jesus’ birth.” (via)
  7. Don’t forget to stick with us daily as a group of us blog through Advent.
  8. Other — the regular hodgepodge of linkage:

  9. If you recall my post on Coffeeshop Poets (and seriously, go and re-read it if you don’t), you may be interested in Alan Roxburgh’s Missional Order Reflections, which includes a podcast of the session to which I referred in my post. Don’t miss the video report as well — it gives a pretty good sense of what the gathering was like.
  10. Speaking of Allelon (and thenew site!), it looks like Sally Morgenthaler’s new article gets high praise from Scot McKnight.
  11. Post-Christian: “More than a quarter of adults in Britain do not know where Jesus was born, a survey has suggested.” (HT: Lyn)
  12. Award of Merit The very first Wikiklesia project (to which I contributed a chapter) has won a Major Award (No, not that Major Award!)
  13. Dan Edelen: Following TBN Off a Cliff… post-charismatics take note.
  14. Building churches in out-of-the-way places: The Foros Church of Christ Resurrection (“Church On The Rock”), Crimea, Ukraine — great view though. (Photos)
  15. Two quotes:

    “We depend on plans, programs, vision statements—but somewhere along the way we have succumbed to the temptation to displace the foolishness of the cross with the wisdom of strategic planning.” — D.A. Carson

    “Much Christian leadership is exercised by people who do not know how to develop healthy, intimate relationships and have opted for power and control instead. Many Christian empire builders have been people unable to give and receive love.” — Henri Nouwen

    No, a third:

    “Wealth is a runaway slave.” — John Chrysostom, homily on Eutropius

  16. Pernell Goodyear is Taking A Break Indefinitely from blogging. Can we start a petition?
  17. According to Steve Knight, “Brian McLaren’s 1978 ‘dreamy acoustic rock’ album Learning How to Love is An Early Christmas Present …
  18. Online Theological Training
  19. A map that shows concentrations of megachurches in the USA — you know, in case you’re shopping. (via)
  20. What??? chanukah-ham.jpg
  21. Trevin Wax: Piper’s vs. Wright’s gospel — on a 3×5 card.
  22. The Sky Is Falling: Leaders Lost in Transition The Sky is Falling!?! by Alan Roxburgh – A Literary Review
  23. Len Hjalmarson quoting Snakes In The Temple: Unmasking Idolatry In Today’s Church And Pointing The Way To Spiritual Breakthrough on confusion of terms: Elders, Bishops, and Pastors — looks interesting.
  24. Movie trailer for Prince Caspian (via)

That wraps it up for another week. I should be able to give a bit more time to reading/writing next week — we’ll see what happens. This evening we’re gathering with our simple church folk as a kind of Christmas party… but don’t forget not to rush into Christmas. It’s still Advent: Peace to you for the coming week.

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