Footprints in Sand Now that we’ve wrapped up our brief look at John’s Prologue as an introduction to the themes of Advent and Christmas, I wanted to dwell a bit more on the canticle I used for the compline in the fourth week of Advent, which was unfortunately too short this year. I carefully selected a song by Mike Koop of St. Benedict’s Table fame. John’s prologue is a hymn for Christmas and all year long, and if you wanted to know what an updated song for Christmas and all year long would look like if you wrote it with your head filled with gospel images while staring at the prologue to John (1:1-18), I think I have the answer. It would need to be something written as an epiphany, like John’s gospel — portraying Jesus’ entry into, accomplishment of his task, and exit from the temporal scene with the transcendence of an Eternal God stepping in and out of time at will. It would need to reflect the fullness of both his Godhood and his humanity, in the same breath wherever possible.

With no doubt in my mind, the song would be Mike Koop’s He Walked, which is one of the most profound tellings of the gospel I have ever heard. As I feel somewhat as prone to use too many superlatives while introducing it, I will quote Dr. Jonathan Dyck, the Academic Dean at Booth College:

Mike Koop’s song ‘He Walked’ is simply amazing. How do you get at the “deep magic” of the incarnation in so few words? Where has this singer/songwriter been all this time? As the story unfolds the pressure builds up in my chest and by the time I get to “He walked into heaven, into his Father’s arms” I can’t sing along anymore. And I think I know why. When I listen to this song I come to realize again, but as if for the first time, how much I long for my Heavenly Father and how lost I am without him.

I pretty much can’t get enough of this song… and Mike has graciously offered to let me post it online. It’s available on iTunes or on the CD put out by St. Benedict’s Table, but when I asked if he was sure it was alright with him, he was quite definite about the song being made available to be enjoyed… so if you want just this song and don’t or can’t do the iTunes thing, let me know. Now that it’s been built up too much, take a moment to pause and reflect, maybe read John’s prologue and forget what I’ve said. Then listen, and see what you think.

He Walked[ RSS Readers may need to click through for the player ]

He walked out of heaven
He had to break the fall
Father gave His blessing
the angels sang their song

He made His entrance
into His mother’s arms
she held him gently
this gift, this pure love

He learned His lessons
spent His time where the wise would walk
His mother worried
how her son might end up

The nails dulled with blood
somehow held the body up
darkness spilled over
He drank; it was his cup

He walked into heaven
into his Father’s arms
the door was open
open to everyone


Well? I realize that it’s a slow week for blog conversations, but I’m anxious to hear anyone’s thoughts on this… what images does the song evoke, what bells of profundity get rung in your mind? I’m sure it’s not just me and Jonathan Dyck…

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