All About Me - Coffee Mug We’ve been getting the Christmas music going on around here, but it’s come to the point where I think I need to take the step of banning a certain Christmas song from the house. It’s got nothing to do with Scroogish tendencies, and everything to do with bad theology. I mean rank. On one of those compilation albums of Christian artists doing Christmas songs (which includes some rather nice ones), Steve Fry keeps popping up singing “He Became A Man.” Not a horrible title, but I nominate it as worst Christmas song ever, mostly because there are more lyrics than just the title. Exhibit A — the chorus:

He became a man like me,
Laid aside his deity
to fill my every need.
And all the hurts I ever knew,
Jesus Christ went through
to live his life through me.

It just makes me want to upchuck. Can you blame me?

That’s what I thought… I rest my case.

Update: it’s been a while since my formal theological education, and I’ve been trying to figure out which major heresy is best represented by the second line — which (though the statement is too brief to be certain) probably misrepresents the doctrine of kenosis. It’s not quite Arianism, closer to Nestorianism (5th century), but not exactly that either. I’m thinking the third line is an issue dating back to the late-20th century…

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