Antique Alarm Clock When I started out with this whole Advent blog project, I thought I was going to have more time to put into it, but I’ve been a bit snowed under the last little bit. Well, time has flown by since September, really. I went straight from the writing project defining missional into Seabeck and then my post-Seabeck thought processing yielded to the Advent book, which went to press just in time for me to get pretty deep into a website redevelopment project. Is it Advent already?

Sunday morning was some kind of mayhem pre-empting the daily office, but we did get on track eventually. Excitement for the week includes the arrival of my printed copies of the book, which is exceedingly cool. The first two arrived on Monday, my proof copies. This was the first time my girls saw the book dedication (do people notice book dedications?) and they were quite tickled. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes to sit and say most of the offices together, depending how restless the kids are. They get to ask questions after we finish, and they take turns while we answer them and talk about the prayers or the “big words.” Good discussions. Our youngest now seems more keenly interested in the whole thing. She’s been asking about the other offices, since we only do two per day as a family. She wants to do the mid-day office during her Christmas break from school, and asked to do the evening one at bedtime tonight.

The books look good, though I’m not entirely happy with the covers… Lulu slapped an ISBN block on the back despite the cover art I uploaded already having one, and theirs covers up part of my picture and the last line of text on the back… which is only my email address anyway. The covers are perfectly cut, but I have to admit that for an on-demand shop that will print and bind a single book at a time the results are pretty good. Sales are actually doing well too, with downloads slightly outpacing the print copies. The sales numbers aren’t huge, but for no marketing in a week and a half, I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll be getting back into some further Advent thinking and writing, and this week I’m planning to write something for The Next wave eZine on Advent as well. I’ve heard a few bits and pieces from people who are using the book, and I’m always keen to hear where it’s going and how it’s being used. From the addresses people leave and from emails, it’s gone into Canada and the USA of course, but also to New Zealand, the Ukraine, and other places besides. Very cool, and satisfying for me… though I’m still a bit surprised at times when people want to buy one, or say how they enjoy it. I’ll have to get over that! If you’ve got a story to tell from the book, leave me a comment below or shoot me an email — I’d love to hear it.

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