New Conspirators 08 Christine Sine put me onto an upcoming conference in Seattle at the end of February. It does look interesting; there are a lot of emerging conferences around, but this one seems to be attempting to engage missional, emerging, monastic & multicultural “streams,” or should we say “conversations”? That’s the gist of what they’re attempting to do anyway, and the list of participants includes a healthy cross-section of emergent and missional and others who are seeking to reimagine church, recover lost practices, redefine spiritual formation, or engage culture. Lots of good stuff attempting to change the face of our faith expressions for the better, and they make an interesting intersection when they’re brought together. I’m not likely to be able to attend, but after my brief overview, I like the shape of the discussion.

I’ve riffed before about not equating the missional and emergent conversations, and I expect the same may be true for some of these other streams as well… e.g. missional is not monasticism. On the other hand, the fact that people can mistake the conversations at some points perhaps illustrates not only that each has much to learn from the other, but that the learning or “cross-pollination” is actually taking place? If that’s true, then events like this one are well-conceived as avenues for the exchange of ideas from the various “fronts of change” in the shifting landscape.

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