Winnipeg Blue Bombers Logo I put all my friends from Boise on notice that we were depending on their boy as the stand-in quarterback — his very first CFL start falling in the championship game after our starting quarterback broke his arm in last weekend’s game. He looked a little green, but he’ll be a good QB in time. Despite a few errors, I wouldn’t put the loss on his shoulders. I think we lost it fairly late in the game when pass interference resulted in an incomplete pass to Milt Steegall. Had he caught that one, I’m going to say a touchdown was pretty much inevitable, which would have been the game to us. Dang, I wish it could have been almost anyone but the watermelon-head ‘Riders!

I’ve got a busy week ahead working on another project about which my wife clarified, “You’re going to put in 60 hours on this by Saturday?” She then did the math and decided that I could probably squeeze it into four days. Not that that would be a good idea…

Advent blogging will commence this coming weekend. I believe Saturday 1st would be the “Hanging of the Greens” this year, and I’ve consented to Christmas decorations as of that day (still seems to early to me) since Sunday is the first day of Advent. There’s still time to pick up a book and start praying the daily office this Advent season, and also still time to join in our advent blogging group. I’m quite looking forward to participating with others in this exercise.

Can a nation be changed? Elsewhere in the world, the Kingdom of Bhutan has decided to become a democracy… and the people are asking: “Why?” 68% of the country’s nearly 700,000 people say they are happy. But a democracy they will be, simply making a switch in their governmental system. Didn’t even cost a trillion dollars and a few thousand lives lost.

Well, at least our UofM Bisons won the Vanier Cup this weekend: we can still celebrate. ;^)

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