audio-mixer-mute.jpg This might look a bit like an early edition of my weekly links post, but that’s not what I was going to say. I’ve had many thoughts swirling lately, and have noticed some recurring themes in the blogosphere that I wanted to weigh in on, but I’ve just been busy with other matters. *sigh.* Anyway, I was going to offer thoughts of mustered profundity on many issues…. which have been touched on in several posts I”ve been keeping open in my browser thinking (naievely) that I would get to them. I’ve read some or most of these, but not all… and I’ve lost track of a few related posts on these recurring subjects.

Food, Table, Hospitality, & Leadership:
Mark Van Steenwyk on table fellowship: Around the Table (I)
Paul Fromont: Insights on Leadership (& Vision); and “How Wine, Whiskey and Great Food Saved my Soul: Finding Spiritual Fingerprints in the gathering of People around a Table”
Rick Meigs Pondering Leadership

Prayer & Sacred Space:
Chuck Warnock Creating sacred space: our home altar
John Michael Talbot: Pray Always

The Kingdom of God:
John Michael Talbot: Be Faithful in Small Things (the Kingdom is like; practicing love)
“The Kingdom of God” and “The Church” are not identitical: Herman Ridderbos on their relation
The Church and the Kingdom of God: George Eldon Ladd on the relation of the two
The Church as a Particularization but not Identification of the Kingdom of God: Gerhardus Vos on the relation of the two
Lots more talk about the Kingdom of God lately.

Willow Creek Revelations & Revolutions:
Riffs: 10:25:07: Willow Creek and the Non-Secrets of Discipleship
Church Growth Movement Fall Down and Go Boom!
Willow Creek and their new leaf?
Kingdom Grace: Revealing Results
Groothuis Withering Willow
Doug Groothuis: Reveal: Willow Creek is Weak
There’s some good commentary in there. This one is more than a month old now and of course I had an opinion, but when it really comes down to it, is this news? Not sure I actually need to say anything. Not that that usually stops me…

Other matters entirely: Jamie Howison: New York Fox Hunt: an observational theology, in the company of Robert Farrar Capon

“New York Fox Hunt: an observational theology, in the company of Robert Farrar Capon” is a web-based book by Jamie Howison, free for the downloading. Part travelogue, part story, and part theological reflection, the book is a journey into New York City and out to Shelter Island in the company of the Anglican writer Robert Farrar Capon. Click to download the book in PDF.

And I’m still holding onto thoughts on bivocational ministry, the necessity of paid clergy, the nature of the church and the rethinking thereof, and the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Oh, and thoughts on reaching or rejecting culture. And shalom, I’m not done with that either. And Luke 10, and Advent, and, and, and….

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