Last year I got a cookie for my second blogiversary… and today marks my third year blogging here. Who knows what Major Award awaits? “Fra-gee-lay. Must be Italian.” “[Adult Ralphie, narrating:] The old man’s eyes boggled… [Mr. Parker:] Oh WOW! [Adult Ralphie, narrating:] … Overcome by art.”

Parker: It’s a Major Award!
Swede: Shucks I wouldn’t know that. It looks like a lamp.
Parker: What lamp, you nincompoop? That’s a Major Award. I won it!
Swede: Damn hell, you say you won it?
Parker: Yeah, mind power, Swede; mind power.

All this, of course, from by the funniest Christmas classic ever, and prompted by the unrelated events of firstly my receipt of an email from my favorite brewery announcing a contest for charity in which someone will actually win said Major Award! Well, not the original one given that it, as I’m sure you recall, was buried in the back yard by the garage with “Taps” playing softly in the background. The other event was my involuntary utterance to my oldest daughter that her waving around of a pair of knitting needles could put someone’s eye out. (Actually, she only stabbed my arm.) I thought my wife might injure herself with laughter.

In any event, I don’t think I really need a Major Award™ — I’m just celebrating a journey of freedom thus far. And if any awards should arrive in my mailbox tomorrow, I’m hoping for my first copies of my printed book from Lulu… it’s shipped and I keep hitting “refresh” on the browser window the the UPS tracking data. Maybe, just maybe. That’d be a great way to celebrate three years. Of course I wouldn’t be disappointed with anything “fra-geel-ay” — you know, from Italy.

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