Book Cover ‘Tis true, on both counts. This is post #1500! I’m 7 days shy of my 3rd blogiversary, and after all the words I’ve spilled, I’ve finally put some in a book of my own. Actually, the book has a lot of other people’s words… saints, scriptures, Celtic traditional prayers, songs, psalms, creeds, quotes lifted out of Pascal’s Pensees, the Dead Sea Scrolls, traditional Jewish prayers… it’s all in there! Are you thankful yet?

I haven’t yet received my first copies from yet, but I expect they’ll come out just beautifully (that’s hard to type with your fnignres corssde)! For the brave, since Advent draweth nigh, I’m going to offer it for sale, sight-unseen (well, not quite). Beware the lack of printing warranty… but you can peruse the book page for further descriptions and links to a preview and to purchase directly from If you do purchase from Lulu, forward you confirmation email to me and I’ll send you a PDF just in case it doesn’t arrive quite in time for Advent.

If the download is more your speed (and at half the price), you can get that formatted for printing on A4 or Letter paper on my products page. The eCommerce engine isn’t fully tested yet, but instead of, it should let you pay through PayPal (Credit Card or PayPal account) and return you to download the file. If you have any trouble, let me know and I’ll make sure you get what you need.

I wanted to do tiered pricing for multiple copies so that folks could purchase more than one printed copy for family use, but Lulu doesn’t seem to let you do that. However, if you don’t mind waiting a little longer (guaranteed not in time for Advent, but should be for Christmas) I am inspired by Gordon Atkinson to offer that anyone who wants to purchase directly from me instead of through Lulu, I will sign their book and stick some kind of weird inexplicable souvenir inside. You know, a bubblegum wrapper or ticket stub or a teabag. He also promised to look up your address on Google Earth and look at your house so he could say, “What’s that thing in your back yard?” We’ll see. I haven’t set up a purchase option for that, but shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do. The books will have to be shipped twice, so it’ll cost a bit more and take a bit longer, of course. Same interim download offer applies. I can however do volume discounts that way, such as, let’s see… $22.50 for two books, $42.00 for four.

Let’s see, what else?

I’ve created a new page for our Advent Blog Project about which I issued an open invitation to join in blogging one or forty posts, or something in between, about Advent and/or the Daily Office. We’re going to be using the texts from John’s prologue that I used for the book, but you aren’t obligated to buy the book to participate. Leave me a comment here or on the invitation post to say you’re in, and I’ll see that you get a heads-up on the texts and themes for the week. That’s right, kids… Advent from John’s Gospel. No shepherds, no wisemen, no stable. But trust me, it’s glorious! Keep visiting here, and also keep an eye on the Advent Blog Page for updates.

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