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We’re in the midst of our conversations around a missional order here at Seabeck. It’s a beautiful little spot on Seabeck Bay near Puget Sound, pictured above through the eyes of Google. Thus far it’s been great to meet some people I’ve talked with on the phone or via email only, and to see again people I’ve met before but don’t get to see in person that often. The conversation is shaping up nicely, and the group of people here is rapidly becoming one of no-longer-strangers. On Monday evening I was standing in a group of five guys that included Andrew (Tall Skinny Kiwi) Jones and Rick (The Blind Beggar) Meigs, watching them piece together my name tag (which doesn’t say “Brother Maynard”) with my blog. The five of us decided to go in search of a pub with decent taps, and by the time we were piling into a car, we were joined by to more carloads of people that included Mark and Jeanette Priddy and Bill and Imbi Kinnon and others. You can click on the image above to view a Google map and search around for the little town nearby (Silverdale) where we got bounced from two different bars when they tried to card Imbi. Mark helpfully ran across the street to find a bar that promised not to card her, and we were set.

Andrew and Rick and I were after a dark beer, and we discovered that the helpful review of our selection that called it dark was under the “dark is relative” heading… as in, “darker than Bud.” “Mac & Jack” was the darkest they had though, and it was a reasonably good microbrew. Much good conversation ensued.

Back at the ranch, we’re searching Luke 10:1-12 and finding many questions and insights through the discussion. Much blog-fodder is being kicked around, but we’re all enjoying the real-life conversation too much to spend a lot of time blogging. More will surely follow on each of our blogs, perhaps closer to or over the weekend.

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