Nobel Prize Medal The Nobel Prize announcements for 2007 are to start being announced this week; details concerning nominations are held in secret for 50 years. These facts I discovered from the Wikipedia entry and the official site, where I also learned that why Mahatma Gandhi never won the Peace Prize — in 1948, the year that Gandhi died, no peace prize was awarded, the committee responding that there was “no suitable living candidate.” From the YouTube Channel

I gleaned two notable quotes:

  • “You can’t leave people poor and live happily thereafter.” — Muhammad Yunus
  • “The world is not learning anything.” — Elie Wiesel.

I didn’t realize that the prize for economics is not one of the original prizes but was added later, sponsored by the Swedish National Bank. Medicine and Physics have been awarded for genetic alterations in mice and the technology that enables computer hard drives. Literature is to be awarded Thursday, and Peace on Friday.

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