Cross with Celtic pattern The wisdom of Celtic Christians… this one reminds us that though the poor are always with us, so also is our attitude toward the poor unchanged over the passage of centuries. In all of the things we’ve not done to offend, what have we also not done which may have been worthy of some small amount of honour? The Pharisees were no different, and we are no different today. Think on this.

I Have Never Done Anything

I have never done anything deserving much blame.
I have not lied or cheated; I have been faithful to my spouse.
I have given alms to the poor, and food to the hungry.
I have won the respect of all upright citizens.

I have never done anything deserving much praise.
I have made no sacrifices; I have always been comfortable.
I have used only surplus wealth to help the needy.
I have not stood up against injustice.

I envy the sinner who repents.
Can I repent my dullness?

From Robert van de Weyer, Celtic Parables: Stories, Poems, & Prayers, p.70.

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