Hammer & Anvil I’m doing some work on the blog at the moment, so things may be a little off-and-on for a short while. I’ve switched over to my new theme as the default option (actually the only option right now), and will be doing some tweaks to it in order to get tagging support finally implemented. A WordPress upgrade is in the cards as well… hopefully I should see y’all on the other side!

Update: It looks like we’re back, freshly upgraded and on the new theme. I’ve got some playing around to do with tags (you can’t see any, but nothing is actually yet tagged anyway). Before I can do that, it looks like a bit of an issue with categories I’ll need to troubleshoot following the WP upgrade. In any event, let me know if you see any oddities; email me if you can’t comment for some reason.

Update II: some people have had difficulty with commenting using the new theme. This came up in beta-testing, but I couldn’t replicate it. The issue is that when submitting a comment, you are prompted to enter your name and email address, even though it’s already there. I don’t think this has occurred for any first-time posters, just repeat visitors… if you get this message, try removing the cookies set by subversiveinfluence.com and you should then be able to comment. If this happens, do let me know in the comments or by email… and confirm which browser/version you’re using. If anyone else has had this happen in WordPress and knows a fix, I’m all ears!

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