Anvil & Hammer I’ve had a busy day and been out all afternoon, but it’s been determined now that (a) comment troubles persist for some people with the new theme, and (2) the old theme doesn’t seem to be compliant with the latest version of WordPress, to which I’ve upgraded. I’ve also still got a database error to troubleshoot, but it doesn’t affect what you see as far as I can tell.

So, for the time being I’ve switched the default theme over to another one that I quickly hacked to remove some specific data (why one sidebar is so short!) and change the header image… this is otherwise the version of “Vertigo Red 3 Column” that I hacked and modified for use on my other (non-pseudonymous) blog. I guess I’ll go back to the drawing board on the comment issue with the new theme, and while I’m at it I may take another look at what the problem with the old theme was. I’ve reactivated the theme-switching plugin, so if you scroll down and take a look at the sidebars, you’ll find a list of themes where can pick between “Influence 3.0” and “Vertigo 3Col Red” which is the current default theme. I’ll change the default theme again once I (think I) have some of the issues sorted out. The other themes you can select (default and classic) are the ones that ship with WordPress; I don’t recommend trying them. And beware: at present if you select “Subversive Redesign” (the old map theme) you’ll get stuck with site that doesn’t work and no way to get back… if you do that, delete the cookies set by and you’ll be back to the default theme (I learned the hard way, obviously). Sorry for all the hassles… but to make up for it, I’ve got a treat for those of you who missed my first year of blogging but are inherently curious… I’ve dug up my original theme, and you can select “Original Subversive” from the options to see what this place looked like for the first year. It was a quick adaptation of the classic WordPress theme… for the first six months I was determining that yes, in fact I was likely to keep this going. After that I started to think more about the design.

Stay tuned for more changes in the works as I try to get things back in shape.

Update: I tackled the easier stuff first… the old “redesign” theme (aka version 2 of the site) is working again, so I’ve set it back to the default theme. Turns out it was just a minor plugin issue. Under the “Themes” heading in the sidebar, you can still select:

  • Influence 3.0 (incoming version once I fix the comment trouble some people have)
  • Original Subversive (how this place looked from November 2004—2005)
  • Subversive Redesign (the “map theme” November ’05—??)
  • Vertigo 3Col Red (an alternate theme from my other blog)

Unless you’re having comment trouble, I encourage you toward the “Influence 3.0” theme.

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