Parent & Child on Sign This morning I was greeted with a comment from Hamo on an old post about kids and communion (July ’05), and it reminded me that he had two good posts on the old “But What About Your Kids?!!” theme. Really good stuff, though I’m not sure that most young kids are quite ready for Alan Hirsch as he implies… maybe if he used more pictures in his books. Hmmm… The Forgotten Ways for Kids. You know, oddly enough, there might be something there.

The question of caring for the kids in your emerging/missional exiled lifestyle is a recurring theme, and one that I thought simply bore mentioning again. I don’t have any silver-bullet answers — I’ve come to believe there aren’t any. But there’s a lot of observation and discussion to be had, and learned from. Around here, this includes several old posts. I searched for “kids” on my blog and discovered I talk about them a lot more than I thought… but here are the posts I thought I was searching for:

The post on kids and communion is, in my own opinion, one of the best things I’ve written on kids in the emerging/missional church… or in “church re-imagined,” however you want to conceive of things. At first I thought I’d post this today simply for lack of (a) alternate inspiration and (2) time to dig into a “meatier” post on a missional theme, or on community — I have things brewing on both. I realized though, that the subject of kids in alternative churches is one that keeps coming up and is worth keeping tabs on for those who continue to enter the conversation filled with fear about their kids. Despite what “outsiders” may think, it is something that’s on our minds a fair bit… recently Lyn had a really good riff inspired by another good post by E-Grace. Common theme, concern for our kids’ spiritual formation. Note though, in all my years in the “big churches,” I don’t think I ever heard anyone talk about the spiritual formation of children. There was, however, a lot of talk about the children’s program.

For me, I have two things on the brain: Moses crossed Sinai with the children (see the Lawrence of Arabia quote noted above). When we left our CLB and the concern about removing the kids came up, I reasoned simply: if it isn’t good enough for me, how could it be good enough for my kids?

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