Windmill at Dusk In the past three days, I’ve been Facebook-befriended (under my real name) by 3 people I’ve not seen or heard from in what, about 20, 9, and 12 years. It’s wild, woolly, and wierd all at once. I also get befriended (as Brother Maynard) by people I’ve never met (go ahead and add me if you read my blog). I just wonder who’s going to emerge from my deep dark past and find me tomorrow?

Meanwhile, in some conversation today, I was told that someone who we know that is planning to get married has also decided to become a chiropractor. I said, “That should enable him to support his bride in the manner to which she is accustomed.” Now, I thought that this was a common enough phrase that its background, meaning, and significance would be clear — enough that the comment could be wryly witty. Nope. Apparently I have some kind of arcane knowledge of archaic phrases… or do other people understand this one as well?


Alright, I’ve just had my answer on Facebook… someone else I lost track of more than a decade ago. That’s four days straight, one per day: who’s out there for Friday?

As for the arcane sayings, see the comments. Now I’m wondering what other unusual sayings are out there? Do people know what a reference to a silver spoon means? “To the manor born?” I’m told my great-great-grandfather’s favorite saying had to do with mad dogs and Englishmen (see how many know it), a quip I believe, from Noel Coward. Did your grandparents say weird things, and do you still say them? Are they as weird or rare as a certain Scot McKnight Googlewhack?

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