This one’s for you MBTI junkies. The other day Bill “I’m-mastering-The-Force” Kinnon emailed me a website that has a, uhmm, slightly different profile description for each of the MBTI types… he has since nailed me in posting the site on his blog. The types are as follows:

  • ENTJ: The Evil Overlord
  • ENTP: The Mad Scientist
  • ENFJ: The Cult Leader
  • ESFJ: The Control Freak
  • ESTJ: The Bureaucrat
  • INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist
  • INFP: The Idealist
  • ENFP: The Scientologist
  • ISTJ: The Thought Police
  • ESFP: The National Enquirer Headline
  • INTP: The Egghead
  • INTJ: The outside contractor
  • ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante
  • ISFP: The Crackpot
  • ISFJ: The Martyr
  • ESTP: The Conman

Yeah, so I’m “The Egghead”… and despite Bill’s pity, when I read the description my first thought was “Tenure? Really?” How sad is that?

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