Hammock at Beach Our back yard has a couple of perfectly-spaced trees for tying up a hammock, just off the patio. The hammock we use most was imported for us directly from Bolivia — it is fabric rather than mesh, and much nicer than the average you’ll find. Yesterday morning my daughter and I relaxed there and wrote a haiku together (more value than church, I might argue). I preserve it here for posterity:

Hammock Haiku
      Back yard hammock, swing;
      summer father-daughter time.
      Memories for life.

The afternoon featured a trip to the beach to meet friends and a second go-round at the 36.5-pound watermelon my wife purchased on Saturday for $5… I think we still have at least half of the thing in the refrigerator.

Beach conversation included my friend’s analysis of The Mosquito Coast as an exploration and explanation of the fading of modernity into postmodernity. He uses it in this way with the grade 11-12 students that he teaches (in a Christian school). I was convinced of the picture, and last night I, er, “transferred” it to my hard drive to watch again with postmodernism in mind… perhaps later this week. Good stuff.

Grace has an MBTI summary rounding up all the bloggers who have posted their sign of the Jungian Zodiac. I’m there too, so far the sole INTP… -sniff!-

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