I just submitted another article (paid writing assignment), a few hours past deadline… but it needed a bit more polish before I was happy to send it in, followed by the invoice (the good part!) ;^) This one took a lot of wrestling yesterday before I had it saying what I wanted it to… it goes that way sometimes. (It’s another technology piece aimed at IT managers.) Now need to go find some more writing gigs… any editors out there who could use an extra freelancer on occasion, drop me a note (doesn’t need to be IT, I can do Internet, culture, business, faith, or whatever). Okay, trolling done.

This morning I’m thinking about the reports from Minneapolis of the bridge collapse there, and looking at the wild images of the event. Lots of discussion. Tragic for many… two years ago I knew maybe one person in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but now through blogging I have a number of “equaintances” there, and blogs I read by people in the area; Mark van Steenwyk mentions it from a few blocks south of the accident. I’m thinking of Minneapolis today.

Yesterday, besides writing, began and ended with friends. First thing in the morning, we had a phone call from friends who are in China for a year, just getting settled. They’ve been long-time friends and have two daughters about the same age as ours who get on very well together. Our girls have really been missing theirs, and our oldest daughters got to talk to each other on the phone… very special for them. Sadly, the youngest two didn’t get to talk this morning when we missed their followup phone call :^( but there will be more opportunity I’m sure. We have few friends whose relationships last over time through many life changes, including church. We’re thankful for the ones we have, the ones that don’t take a lot of painful effort but just fit easily and naturally. Last night we sat out on our patio with a couple who left our CLB probably near 15 years ago. We stayed friends, they moved on… they’ve got more than one CLB now, and it’s been a while since I talked with anyone as acutely in need of detox as them. We drank beer, wine, margaritas… he smoked a cigar and I dug out my pipe.

I’m behind on my blog reading, and other read—dang, I think I have to renew a couple of library books… they’re a day late now. Anyway, need to catch up on some blogs and set aside some time to write more on our understanding of “missional.” I’ve got a half-composed post that could stretch into two, maybe should. Follow-on thoughts after my response to Gordon MacDonald… between now and Sunday evening, I’ll be doing Steinbach Pioneer Days with the wife and kids, helping my brother build a garage, and attempting to write a few posts ahead of myself before we take the kids and sneak off for a couple of days in a Duluth waterpark overlooking Lake Superior. There’s a fantastic malt shop just along the north shore of the lake, which I can taste already. (I wonder if I have any readers from Duluth?) Quick little getaway trip, and looking forward to a sit-down non-virtual beer with Bill Kinnon when I get back.

I’ve received further details now about the Missional Order conversation with Allelon and friends in Seattle in October, and need to get registered for that. I like Seattle, seems to me they have a really good bookstore not far off the waterfront. Wonder if I’ll get time for that, and to go in search of Frasier‘s Cafe Nervosa.

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