Wikiklesia Book Cover Prolific book-reviewer Paul Walker at Out of the Cocoon is blogging chapter-by-chapter through the recently-released Wikiklesia eBook, Voices of the Virtual World (the print version should be out in a few weeks). 40 authors contributed to the project — see the list below. For the ones whose chapters have been reviewed by Paul already, I’ve added a direct link to his review beside them. As most of the authors are bloggers or maintain some online presence, the project also provides some further exposure to a number of folk who are discussing subjects of resonance online.

Wikiklesia Authors:
Andrew Jones
Andrew Perriman
Bill Kinnon
Bob Hyatt
Brad Sargent
Brother Maynard
Calvin Park
Cynthia La Grou
Cynthia Ware
David Hayward
Derek Flood (Theology as Art)
Drew Goodmanson
Ed Brenegar (The Technology of Congregational Conversation)
Heidi Campbell (Living as the networked people of God)
Jo Guldi
Joe Suh
John La Grou (Surfing the liminal domains)
John Sexton
Br. Karekin Yarian, BSG
Katharine Moody
Kester Brewin (Text/Audio/Video)
Len Hjalmarson
Matt Reece
Michael Lissack
Mike Morrell
Mike Riddell
Peggy Brown (Virtual Mentoring at The Abbey)
Rex Miller
Rick Meigs
Scot McKnight
Scott Andreas (A Networked E(-)cclesia)
Scott McClellan
Scott Ragan
Stephen Garner
Stephen Shields
Steve Scott
Steve Knight
Stuart Murray Williams
Thomas Hohstadt
Wild Grace

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