I’ve been a lot of places online in the past week… these are some highlights so you can go a lot of places online this weekend.

  1. Metamorpha is oriented around an exploration of discipleship and spiritual formation. Looks like a lot of resources to poke around in; wish there wasn’t all that Flash stuff, it really doesn’t add anything. (HT: Scot McKnight)
  2. Welcome back, Hamo, who is blogging again as many have noticed. After a 6-month absence, I told him we’d missed him, but he hadn’t missed a thing.
  3. The Crash of the Internet, from Friday 13th last week. (HT: Addison Road)
  4. A very long list: 2000 Unofficial Uses for WD-40.
  5. Andrew (Hamo) Hamilton addresses pioneers with 6 Reasons Not to Quit.
  6. The Sentence of the Year: “They didn’t care that they’d seen it work in practice because they already knew it wouldn’t work in theory.”
  7. Heather the Deconstructed Christian answers 50 questions on church and the habits of Christendom in response to 50 Questions about Christian culture which I thought were rhetorical — but I just loved the answers so much.
  8. Project Gutenberg Canada is an online repository of Canadian works whose copyright has expired (50 Years+), including works like Charles W. Gordon (aka Ralph Connor)’s Black Rock, which was written in Winnipeg in 1898. Also includes works by Emily Carr, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, D.H. Lawrence, and Stephen Leacock.
  9. Fred Peatross had been working on a book, Missio Dei: in the crisis of Christianity, which I see is now available. Somehow I missed the announcement, but I stumbled upon the Ning group.
  10. Pagan Christianity: Exposing the Roots of Our Church Practices Messy Christian may be right, George Barna may be getting himself in trouble by teaming up with Frank Viola and writing a book called Pagan Christianity: Exposing the Roots of Our Church Practices. People thought Revolution was controversial?
  11. Julie Clawson has an interesting paragraph to illustrate Linguistic History and Biblical Interpretation — the paragraph contains words which have changed meaning over time, such that it would have been almost unintelligible if read by people in different time periods. Makes you wonder about some of the language we still use…
  12. The Internet Monk writes For Smart Guys Like Me.
  13. Do people ever stop in mid-conversation to tell you, “That’s not to appear on your blog“?
  14. Surreal: the Peanuts gang “grows up” and gets rendered as anime characters (HT: Randy McRoberts). Too weird!
  15. David Hayward asks 10 “Is it possible” questions. My experience wants to see us flip a lot of the yes and no answers around.
  16. Abandoned Tunnels & Vast Underground Spaces — some pretty wild man-made underground places to explore around the world.
  17. John Frye: Forget Jabez, try The Aquatic Prayer of Jonah 2 (and the prequel). Apparently the Hebrew is filled with idioms that personify the shipm mainly as a harlot.
  18. If you’ve been following some of our discussions about Jesus as a leader and the disconnection of the role of pastor with the metaphor of the shepherd (List of Posts) you’ll want to take in David Hayward’s thoughts, “Circus Sheep And Ring Leaders.” I think i was a circus sheep in a former  CLB  life. Elsewhere on this motif, Former Leader writes comparing midwives and shepherds (vs. doctors).
  19. I guess I have to mention the Pope’s declaration that protestant churches are rebellious and are not (in case you wondered) Roman Catholic. John Stackhouse: When Is a Not-Church a Church? When It’s an “Ecclesial Communityâ€?; Scot McKnight: The Pope on Protestant “churchesâ€? (includes the text of the document). Hardly earth-shattering — I like Stackhouse’s take on it, he fishes out a compliment.
  20. An older piece from the Detox Journal: Changing faith: Why I don’t go to church anymore (by Helen Mildenhall).
  21. A lot of people are posting their blog ratings lately, so I checked on mine — a bit surprised to find I get a “G” rating. Damn, I thought I was more controversial than that… I guess just not lately; I suspect it doesn’t crawl the site that extensively. People who talk about hell and death seem to get dinged for it and have their blogs rated as less-suitable, so it’s not all about four-letter words, I guess. You can convey some pretty offensive ideas, as long as you know which words to avoid.
  22. Another reason to avoid Wal-Mart? They’re starting to sell Jesus action figures and the like. Now they’re displacing Jesus-junk bookstores?
  23. A creation account from Genesis where God plays the CEO for EarthCorp. (HT: Bob Carlton)

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