Obviously I’ve been catching up on some reading… this is my longest “Random Acts of Linkage” list so far. I just keep adding throughout the week, so it doesn’t seem like that much as I go along, but… hmmm. Most of them are chronological as I read them, but I bumped up the top item as it’s obviously a more serious matter.

  1. Pam Hogeweide recently lost her father, and last week a tragic accident claimed one of her best friends. Pray for Pam and for the surviving family; the oldest daughter has been staying with Pam’s family.
  2. Do you lifehack? Google it or find it on Technorati, there’s a growing amount of stuff out there. Time Magazine: Hacking Toward Happiness.
  3. The Meme Formerly Known as Finite continues: The People Formerly Known as Passive (or TPFKAP). As you may recall, it was foretold in The Dream of the Former that others were yet to speak. In discussion on that post, I said

    I think that The Dream of the Former listed 18 parts up to that stage, making it part 19. After that, there was The Workers and Wounded plus Your Leader …have I missed any? That would make this something like #23 I think, but there could be more.

  4. Bob writes On CLB (an abbreviation some of us use for “Church I/We Left Behind,” providing some observations and an excellent quote from a commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict, an observation that concludes by observing that it is not supportive for a community to fail in allowing/encouraging people the space they need to work or think things through as the need arises. Many of us who have a CLB of which to speak can tell how this very factor contributed to the CLB becoming a CLB in the first place.
  5. Is it really hip to be square? Sally Coleman reflects on people trying to conform to the shape they’re expected to be in church, attempting to love one another while they’re bent out of shape… and in the meantime being unable to function as intended within the body. Good picture for anyone who isn’t yet comfortable in their own skin in church contexts: it only took me 40 years to get there.
  6. Steve Taylor lists his most significant emerging and missional books. Is it cheating when he lists The Out of Bounds Church?? ;^) Helpfully annotated.
  7. Maggi Dawn asks, what is “Missional” anyway?. She doesn’t really like the term, cautioning “it’s one thing to say that the Church at large is involved in the Missio Dei; it’s another to use the term ‘Missional’ as a kind of advanced concept of Church, or as a thing you have to do to qualify for Church.” I think there’s something valid in what she’s saying, particularly as some use the term differently than others, though I think she may ot be critiquing the term in the way that I normally use it. Further thoughts welcome.
  8. Rodney Olsen comment on The New Seven Wonders of the World. I’ve stood atop The Great Wall of China and climbed The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá, so I guess I’ve still got five to go. They’ve started accepting nominations for New 7 Wonders of Nature. I suppose Canada could score on that with the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, or the Bay of Fundy, though I expect Everest or Angel Falls could beat out the first two. Maybe I’d nominate the Amazon River, in which my wife was baptized… though the judges might not take that particular claim to fame into account.
  9. The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition I’ve never kept the Divine Hours, but I’m looking at reviews here and there of Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours, Pocket Edition and thinking I should. Have added it to the old wish list.
  10. Alan Jamieson writes, Relationship Trust – The Speed of Trust – Part 3… relevant stuff to those of us rethinking leadership out of bad CLB or post-charismatic experiences.
  11. Owen Strachan: Thoughts on Blogging as it Relates to Humility; Trevin Wax: A Call for Humble Bloggers
  12. Confessions Of A Starbucks Barista confronts some Starbucks myths and gives tips on how to order to save money. Yup — say it backwards and it changes the price. The tip he doesn’t give is one I got from a different ex-barista: order your latte extra-hot. This advice in response to my complaint that the milk is never hot enough and cools the drink too much… turns out there is a simple fix. If you’re still down on Starbuck’s, you can take advice from Mark Van Steenwyk on how to roast your own coffee beans and make your own iced coffee. And you thought I was hardcore!
  13. I sent my wife some virtual flowers the other day. Didn’t cost me a thing, and she smiled in response. Hey, happiness can be pretty cheap sometimes: spread a little!
  14. Retro CD Wallet — I gotta make me one of these, I’ve got a whole stack of the necessary materials.
  15. A question of authority: how our use of Wikipedia should remain judicious …and did you know that border security guards could be Googling you while you wait?
  16. An archive of the World’s Famous Photos — found via Old Coca-Cola Ads. Fun stuff; I’m posting the most missional ad from the bunch. ;^)
  17. Robbymac: Through The Looking-Glass, an imaginary conversation on strong/weak and mature/immature leaders. Top-notch; I’m awaiting a sequel.
  18. 4 Tips to Extend Your Lithium Battery Life
  19. Some people just have to modify everything… Sure is purty, though.
  20. I found out you can watch the original Planet of the Apes online. You know, if you wanted to, “damn dirty apes.” Better still (?), if you’re into thinking back 40 years, you can watch Summer of Love, a PBS documentary. I love the 60’s.
  21. The Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun: includes a few pity observations and a good reminder or two.
  22. Dan Edelen: How to Tell You’re Not a Christian (Even If You Think You Are). Gutsy and to the point. Speaking of controversial, an article at The Ooze on churches losing their charitable status tops the sarcasm and cynicism scales beyond what even I could muster… almost wish I’d written it! ;^)
  23. Stephen Shields notes The Growth of the English Standard Version, offering a chart showing how the translations rank in popularity. ESV#5, NLT#3. I was a bit surprised the NLT had gained third spot so quickly, but it’s a good translation. Any guesses on first and second place?
  24. Ever find yourself with the need to know what’s going on in the whole world right now, and at a glance? Boy, are you in luck!
  25. What’s better than “A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Baptist pastor walk into a bar…”? Two elephants escape from a Circus in Newmarket, Ontario…
  26. Found a neat online gizmo that turns any image into a sketch. Forget who linked to this now… HT to somebody.

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