Happy 7/7/7! (Also, this post appears at 0707.) You’ll rightly infer from the following that I’m scanning a lot of feeds these days… I’m getting 300-500 new posts popping up daily: 30 of those would be Lifehacker alone though. I don’t know how Scoble does it.

  1. Trevin Wax On Reading Widely
  2. Jordon Cooper marked Six Years of Blogging this week — congrats!
  3. I credit the “Former Leader” with the nicest thing anybody said about me all week.
  4. I followed another link from that last one and thought about my CLB as I completed the “Super Apostle Detector” quiz. I gave a lot of “no” answers, but it still reported “Off the scale! Super Apostle mind control methods detected. You are in a Super Apostle church. Strongly recommend you read all Super Apostle articles on this site. Leaving is your best option.” I already left though. But speaking of spiritual abuse
  5. I guess we now know that in the year 2123, “Spiritualism may, by obtaining scientific verification, displace Christianity. But the religion of the scientific mind will be a religion of relativity, with a flexible moral tradition.” The advantage of predicting the future well in advance is that you won’t be around by then for people to call you a nutcase for getting it wrong. Of course, they might call you a nutcase before then if you go around saying things like, “Modern artists and poets do not understand modern science, and no great new art will arise until they do.”
  6. Kids say the darndest things… Stock Tips from Ten-Year-Olds.
  7. The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West...Again Pat Loughery is blogging his way through George Hunter’s The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West…Again and is through Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 so far. He’s tossing out a lot of Celtic thought and discussion lately, including Holy Spaces, Prayer Rocks and more Celtic thoughts and a Book Summary: “Celtic Christianity: A Sacred Tradition, A Vision of Hope”
  8. It looks like a post I did way back in the early days of this blog is still getting resonance. Cool.
  9. Scot McKnight questions using the word “missional” since it’s not a very missional kind of word. Actually, he’s just passing on someone else’s question, but it’s a good perspective. Partway through the discussion, Jeff Hyatt recommends Allelon and Alan Roxburgh’s writings as a good perspective on the question… and the fact that people seem to misunderstand the word. Scot weighs in personally in a followup post: “[I]t matters a lot less what we call what we are doing than doing what we are to do, and if we do that, it might not matter a whole lot what we call it.” But he likes it… and despite the well-noted issues, so do I.
  10. House Church and Mission: The Importance of Household Structures in Early Christianity Scot McKnight is discussing and recommending Roger Gehring’s House Church and Mission: The Importance of Household Structures in Early Christianity as the “most significant book ever written on house churches in the 1st Century.” Now on my wish-list.
  11. Has anyone reading ever spent a summer on an archaeological dig? It sounds like loads of fun and a great experience… at least I’ve always thought so. I’d love to hear anyone’s report on it if they’ve been.
  12. Alan Roxburgh is blogging… and I have to mention it not just because my name came up. Actually, that one is about the creation of a Missional Order that Alan is championing. I sat across from him in a Perkins restaurant (just as he describes) and said, basically, “Okay… but why?” I’m always asking why — not so much as a challenge as to hear how it had been thought through and arrived upon. If I get a good response, typically I can be sold. In this case, as Alan and I talked, I began planning to be in Vancouver for the discussions in October.
  13. Michael Spencer: On Harry Potter and Wicca: A Helpful Letter.
  14. Pernell Goodyear is getting some good attention… he’s gotten a very nice review of a visit to the Freeway by a guy taking An Ecumenical Pilgrimage, who wrote:

    I’ve seen a new face of Christ, coming to light in emerging expressions of the Salvation Army. And yes, I’ve also found great hope (another of the Freeway’s six values): hope for the inner city, hope for a lived gospel message, and maybe hope for the future of the church itself.

    Sounds pretty good to me. Pernell has been named a finalist for the 35 Under 35 list of young Canadian leaders. Pernell is one of the bloggers I would most like to sit down with for a leisurely ritual of conversation and brewed beverages. Congrats to him. While reviewing the list, I noticed two other entries from Winnipeg… and realized that I know one of them… not to mention from the duo I just linked, I know the parents of one and the in-laws of the other. *sigh.* Maybe I needn’t mention that I don’t qualify for the list. I feel old.

  15. Does anyone participate in BookCrossing? This looks like fun… but I wouldn’t have much hope for searching out specific titles! If I ran a coffee shop, I’d put out a shelf for this concept.
  16. Progress against global poverty: Number of desperately poor in Africa has ‘levelled off’ – UN. (HT)

    UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, gave warning that if the developed countries failed to meet their official aid commitments, the gains made thus far would be eroded. “The world wants no new promises,” Ban writes in the forward to the report. “It is imperative that all stakeholders meet, in their entirety, the commitments already made.” Only five donor countries have reached or exceeded the long-standing UN target of donating 0.7 percent of gross national income being to development aid – Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

    (Related, from last week.)

  17. Bill Millar makes one of those should-have-been-obvious observations: it’s ek-klesia not en-klesia for a reason.
  18. Michael Wade (Execupundit) typically has some good stuff on leadership, and recently posted The Followers Creed, which is an excellent backhanded picture of how a good leader leads. No power trippin’ and no bullying.
  19. The Ooze interviews Rob Bell, eventually getting around to the question, “As a pastor what would you say to someone who has become disillusioned with organized church or what they have seen of Christianity?” …not to mention, “Ok, last question, what is at the top of your IPOD list these days?”

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