Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: Romans, Galatians (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) I recently noticed that the Cornerstone Commentary Series on the NLT has the first few volumes out, including Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) (Gus Konkel and Tremper Longman) and Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: John, 1-3 John (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) (Philip Comfort and Wendell Hawley), among others. This series came up recently when we were discussed discussing Bible translations and traditions, and out of that I have the volume on Romans & Galatians, which I will be reviewing here soon.

I used to carry around a book acquisition list in my wallet, but it got outdated and I stopped the practice… but there have been times rooting through a used bookstore that I’ve kicked myself for it, trying to remember which was the better commentary volume on some particular book of the Bible, and what else I had on my shelf for that particular book. I discovered a little while ago that “Parableman” has a list of Commentary recommendations that is “continually” updated (last was October 2006) and is a part of his Commentary Reviews series, which quite helpfully includes a list of Forthcoming Commentaries. Lots there that I haven’t read through… everything you always wanted but were afraid to ask?

I’m curious about commentary use in the emerging/missional church… I’m partial to scholarly critical commentaries myself, but I wonder if there’s less of a tendency to refer to such study aids with less expository preaching going on… but is that true of the emerging/missional church or not? Just wondering aloud. What sort of study aids do your habits lend themselves toward?

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