No, not my name. ;^)

Coming out in a different way, by revealing something personal about myself. Something that is “not a choice. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s an orientation.” No, not that either. I mean the fact that I am an introvert. I’m sure I’ve said here before that I am an INTP, or Architect, which means my personality type is introverted. And the point of that is simply as a preamble to this: everyone who knows me in real life and thinks there’s something wrong with me needs to go and read “Caring for Your Introvert,” especially if you’re an “E”. Go on, get.

Now that they’re gone, I need to say that anyone who has an introvert in their life will do well to read this one. Some of you may just shake your heads and not get it, but I chuckled out loud and did a lot of nodding. Finally, someone who groks it. I suppose that Jim would grok this too, since he’s the one who pointed me to the aforementioned article.

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