So I was looking at Digg, which has become wildly popular… anybody use it? One can “Digg” articles and news stories and blog posts by clicking little widgets and icons on various pages (even here, using the “Share This” llink), and then by reviewing or searching what appears on the Digg website, you can see what’s popular. So I got to thinking…

I’ve used Technorati searches to help turn up interesting bits on missional themes that I might otherwise miss, but the search I just did came back with more than 15,000 results. Back in March, we did a round of Link Love for Emerging/Missional Church Bloggers when we went in search of under-rated bloggers… and found a lot of new people out there, many of whom now appear in my RSS reader.

So I had the idea and then stumbled upon the software to do it (I noticed that EV Does this too). I’m thinking of a Digg-like site with the narrow focus of missional subject matter. Anyone who’s interested or engaged in the missional conversation — whether or not they maintain a blog — would set up an account and flag items of particular interest or importance that relate to missional themes. As a community of us does this, various items rise to the surface and fall back, giving us a picture of what’s going on in the wider conversation which the group deems important. Those of us who maintain blogs could add a little widget to make it easier to flag our posts, and could if they wanted incorporate the results of an RSS feed on their blog to show the top ten posts at the time.

I think that if we had just 100 people, this idea could really fly… but it wouldn’t take that many. I originally was thinking about it just for my own use in keeping track of things as I find them, but I think it would work even better with more eyes and fingers participating so that the sum would include items from places that some of us don’t normally look. I would do all the setup and hosting work, so there’s no commitment needed from anyone, but I’d like to gauge if there would be interest in the idea. Would you use it? And what would you call it? Gotta get one of them Web-2.0-ish names, right?

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