In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been leaving my extra links collecting for publication on Saturdays… which I’m planning to continue for the foreseeable future. It’ll likely be a mixed bag most of the time and may contain links that are a week or more old, but there you are. It replaces my link blog of “unfinished reading” in the sidebar which will continue to stagnate and then disappear. Just so you know.

My feed aggregator has been pooched for almost three weeks now, and I’ll have to replace the software that runs it, since it doesn’t seem to handle the number of feeds I aggregate for myself… and explains in my mind the reason that the Emerging Church Blogs site has been down without explanation for six months. I still found a lot leftovers to dump into this stew-pot, though I really feel the loss of my reader.

  • CBC announced Seven Wonders of Canada last week, and published the judges picks as well as audience and online voting, none of which match. Can’t say the list is all that bad, though I’m not sure how the Northern Lights got bumped… maybe none of the judges have actually seen them? C’mon, seriously. Grand Beach (Manitoba) got cut as well, but I’m less surprised about that — Canada’s got some pretty spectacular wonders. How many have you seen?
  • We went to an open house for Half Pints Brewing last weekend. Fantastic stuff… browse the site, laugh at the slogan on the coaster, check out the beer labels, and just be jealous that you don’t have a bottle of Stir Stick Stout in your fridge like I do. Be very jealous.
  • Why You Should Be A Starfish, Not A Spider
  • John Jantsch: But What Do I Write On My Business Blog? Great advice for anyone who doesn’t know what to blog but wants to keep at it, business blog or not. (And I do recommend Jantsch’s blog for any small business looking for sound marketing advice.)
  • Read What The Shawshank Redemption Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship and replace the word “entrepreneurship” with “church planting” each time you encounter it. Got what it takes?
  • I like to read Waiter Rant not because it helps me gain a much better understanding of the food service industry (that’s just a bonus on the side), but because it’s good writing. If you’re thinking that the world is messed up in what it focuses its attention upon and wonder if you’re the only person who’s noticed, you might like “We’ll Always Have Paris.”
  • I had a great book excerpt the other day in Robert Farrar Capon Explains Creation, after which Dave Wainscott provided a link to “Chef Rev. Capon: Prophetic Provocateur,” where he’s posted a bunch more excerpts from Capon.
  • Penny Postcards is a collection of postcards from all over the USA, historical, whatever…. like The Old Country Store, Hotel Northampton and Wiggins Old Tavern, Northampton.
  • Move Over Danny Ocean; Here are 13 Real Heists from Around the World.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I’m on the hook to buy a new Bible for my 5½-year-old daughter. She’s very excited about it, but I’ve been having trouble finding a good one. I’ve found children’s Bibles with the complete KJV and I’ve found them in all manner of other versions with ladybugs on the cover or printed with all purple text and a few images. I’ve found them recast as stories abbreviated into meaninglessness. I found one “for beginning readers” which was nothing more than standard fare with a few pictures. I don’t really want something that’s 2-column small print like so many other Bibles, but one that reminds her more of “regular” books. I had a couple recommendations in the comments on my earlier mention, and just this week I discover El Nellis with similar Children’s Bible woes, and since he found what he was after I figure there’s hope… though the local shop bookshelves haven’t yielded anything worthwhile yet. Seems I need an in-between that’s a hard find… more than the basic pictures with few words, but not up to the ‘tween-market yet.
  • Speaking of the Bible, I found 3 Things People Need To Know About The Bible, which had some good insight in points 1 and 3. Point 2 just made me nervous so I didn’t want to think about it very long. ;^)

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