• Family-to-Family is a

    nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting families with more to families with less. The program creates a bridge between suburban communities with enough to share and some of [the USA]’s most impoverished areas.

    [Their] members welcome the concrete responsibility of shopping for, packing, and sending a carton of fundamental necessities to a family they “sponsor.” Husbands, wives and children in blessed corners of the world are eager to link themselves, over time, to moms, dads and kids living in abject poverty. They share the sentiment of anthropologist Margaret Mead, who once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

  • Not too certain of the veracity of Robbymac’s investigative journalism… but I’m not confirming nor denying anything.
  • The Secret Life of Gummy Bears: has a certain Calvin-&-Hobbes-ian quality to it.
  • How to Use English Punctuation Correctly — need I say more?
  • Finger Length Predicts SAT Performance (via Freakonomics).
  • I want a Foleo, even if they can’t spell “folio.” Seriously, looks like this rocks.
  • Brian Russell has done several posts on interpreting scripture through a missional lens… the latest is Rediscovering the Missional Center of Scripture, which closes with the question, “What current reading practices in the church restrict the impact of the Scriptures in our communities?”
  • The Billy Graham Library dedication took place this week; NPR says former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Carter were all present.
  • Study says American news media overplays religious conservatives — would you have guessed that? Conservative evangelicals never seem to feel they’ve been represented well enough, yet according to this report they’re doing more than their fair share of talking on behalf of people of faith.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Tune in next week when you’ll hear Nurse Piggy say…

NURSE PIGGY: Dr. Bob, it’s getting worse! It’s beginning to hail!

DR. BOB: Hail?

WEATHER MAN: (singing) The gang’s all here!

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