As followers of the conversation on yesterday’s post (Church Structure & Leadership Smackdown: The Academy vs. The Business Model) will know, Pernell Goodyear has written a good article on missional church which describes a reconsideration of just what “success” in church planting looks like, and what shifts begin to take place when you decide you can’t measure by the numbers. John Stackhouse wrote recently on Leadership Structures as If We Believed What We Preach, and Drew Goodmanson hits our theme square on with Missional Eldership – Leading a Transformational Community (HT Len, whose latest comment in the discussion also ended up as its own blog post).

All of these ideas are in keeping with the discussion we’ve been having, and there’s still time to jump in with further thoughts on the matter.

(By the way, the discussion on Jamie’s post which sparked this has now had a helpful clarification, for anyone following there as well.)

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