Six weeks ago, I lamented the state of the Wikipedia definitions for “Missional living” and the Emerging church movement. I got involved enough at the time to spearhead the removal of the list of “prominent figures” from the latter list to a separate document of List of prominent figures in the emerging church movement in an effort to stop spamming the list. This seems to have worked, since it hasn’t been updated since. Meanwhile the ECM article continues to involve, it’s last update having been made today. I haven’t been watching it, but the definition looks to be still evolving, and is now in need of some organization. So much for that page.

As I said before, the Missional living definition needs to be rewritten. The article now has the “Neutrality Disputed” tag on it, as most of the people I know in the middle of the missional fray would not likely recognize themselves in the definition as it was written. I noticed yesterday that Dave Winer has a similar problem — he started editing articles for the first time, and it seems he quickly got frustrated. He didn’t fix the article on RSS, he was a bit discouraged by having his first edits reverted within minutes… but he added a link to the RSS 2.0 Spec (since reverted) and then said, “most of that page is worthless, things that never happened, Rove-like spin from god knows who. That’s the thing about Wikipedia, it’s a free-for-all slamfest, and you don’t have a right to confront your accusers. Feh.” I figure Dave Winer should know a little something about RSS, and if he doesn’t like the article…

I guess our dislike of the missional description shouldn’t be that surprising — it’s obviously not isolated. Following my earlier mention of it, Rick Meigs and I have started work with a few others on massaging a better definition — hopefully it’ll appear on Wikipedia in due course, but as Dave notes, you never can tell. As part of the effort, I have begun to compose a missional reading list, or annotated bibliography. To that end, I’d like to throw it open and ask for contributions (use the comments below) of particular articles, papers, books, audio or video that attempt to define missional (pro or con) and which should be considered seminal works or important to the reading list for those wanting to gain a grasp of the topic. Well? Floor’s open!

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