Yes, the site was running very slow yesterday — I expect a large number of people were unable to load it. I’ll have to put some effort toward a new hosting setup sooner rather than later, it seems. I was hoping to do some upgrades at the same time, and I did do some work on the site redesign yesterday. Now with 70% less scrolling! Seriously, you can see the whole front page by “paging-down” only about three times… and still shows 10 posts on the front page, 2 sidebar columns, and a few ideas for some keen new features. I’ve got the layout pretty much worked out now, just need to determine the colour scheme and consider how much or what sort of graphics it’ll have. It will be lighter on graphics than what I’ve got.

The file I’m working on also puts the content “up front” and the sidebar content at the end, so anyone browsing in Lynx or an older handheld device should see some benefit from that as well. I have gone to a fixed width with a design that’s 900 pixels wide though. Is anyone still browsing at 600×800 anymore? I haven’t checked any recent stats, but it seems that’s already a fairly small resolution to most people.

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