Jamie Arpin-Ricci and I have been scheming a little, and after several emails, a phone conversation or two, and a hastily-prepared website later… Alan Roxburgh will be with us in Winnipeg on June 5, 2007. We’ll be doing a kind of casual Missional Leadership Conversation along the lines of the event in Toronto a month or so ago. Besides the few of us, the event is also being promoted by Allelon and Resonate.

One evening, mark your calendars, don’t miss it. Free.* No registration deadline, you can just show up… though it will help us greatly if you would pre-register so we have an indication of how many are coming.

And yes, the asterisk on the word “free” means we’ll hoping that an offering will cover all the costs. The event doesn’t really have a sponsor or an underwriter (yet!) so we’re trusting that we’ll come up with enough cash for the necessaries. Venue is TBA, but watch the event page or register your email address and you’ll be in the loop. And if you’re not from here, Winnipeg is a 15-17-hour drive or less from all sorts of places… Calgary, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Duluth… all kinds of places. Only 2-3 hours by air from a lot of places too, like Vancouver, Kelowna, Toronto, and lots more. And if anyone actually does travel that far for this one-evening event, we promise not to guilt you about contributing to costs! I might let you buy me a beer though.

Anyone who has already clicked through or who is particularly astute may have noticed that a new site has also been launched to house the information for this event: Missional.ca is a little project that is likely to evolve into something or other, though there isn’t much there at present. Missional stories and ideas from anywhere in Canada will be welcome though! Jamie nabbed this domain a little while ago, and is promising to use it for good, not evil — so there’s now the basis of a site there ready for further developments… but in the meantime, you can register for the event to let us know you’re coming.

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