The Meme Continues: The people formerly known as The Workers are getting ready to lay down their tools. Well, whose kingdom were they building, anyway? If our weapons are not of this world, neither are our tools. Maybe we took our spiritual weapons and beat them into spiritual plowshares? There’s some kind of metaphor and another post in there somewhere. If you need context for the whole “formerly known” meme, you’ll want to refer to my earlier summary post, The Dream of the Former, which includes links to all the others.

This most recent straggler reminds me again how much the whole “formerly known” conversation is all about detox. No wonder people who aren’t participating in it don’t understand it… and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. BTW, we’re still waiting for someone to write, TPFKA-The-Pastor’s-Kid.

Elsewhere in an update to a prior post in the series, Emerging Grace writes, “In order to give you a glimpse at what the process of detox and deconstruction has done regarding my beliefs about the underlying issues, let me explain in comparison my take on the issues 5 years ago.” Hhmm. Grace also offers observations on “Truth with a Twist,” an observation on the teaching of the leaders at the CLB from which she’s detoxing. Yes, there was some spiritual abuse going on there. Come to think of it, if you haven’t subscribed to Grace’s feed, make sure you do so while you’re there.

We went through a phase a couple of years ago when a lot of people were detoxing and talking about their move away from the institutional church in those terms. I think now we’re seeing a second “round” of this same thing, where a lot of people are identifying with the “FKA-meme,” but really it’s the same thing again. There’s getting to be more of us out there. What do you think of this, am I correct in my connecting the two? Where next?

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