I was browsing around AbeBooks not really looking for anything in particular. I’ve never purchased anything through them, but they’re the place to go for some of the particularly interesting finds.

This got me to thinking… I have a few prizes in my own personal library, so I looked up one of them. Hmm. A few years ago, I paid $25 Cdn for a first edition of C.S. Lewis’ Reflections on the Psalms. Hardcover, 1958, with dustjacket. Pulling it from the shelf, I decided it was in near-fine condition, both the book and the dustjacket.

Seems that my copy is as good or slightly better than the ones currently selling on AbeBooks for $50-60 USD. Including one from the bookseller who originally sold my my copy. ;^)

Just needed to say that I’m rather pleased with myself over the matter. What prized books do other people keep on the shelf? Any stories on great used bookstore finds?

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