Squidoo (Wikipedia Link) is the brainchild of Seth Godin. I’ve seen him mention it on his blog often enough, but I’ve never bothered to investigate the site. Basically it allows people to create “lenses” or lists of links to resources from all over the web on virtually any topic you can think of. Planning a trip to Sacramento and want to know what to do for fun while you’re there but don’t want to do a lot of searching around? Easy, go to Squidoo and see if anyone else has already done the research and compiled the results. Note, YMMV.

I recently had occasion to create an account though, and was browsing around to see what else there was… I found a bunch of emerging church lenses, including one on the Emerging Missional Church in Canada. Neat.

But I’m still just slightly nonplussed. Yesterday Seth Godin criticized Guy Kawasaki for his involvement in Truemors.com, saying it makes the world noisier but not better. Now, as fun as Squidoo may be for many, I’m not entirely certain that Seth isn’t throwing stones from the porch of his glass house.

What do you think? Does anyone else use Squidoo, and has it proved helpful? In what ways? Any neat lenses we should be looking at?

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