So I tried out this online face recognition gizmo that examines a photo of your face which you upload, and then tells you what celebrities you look like. Technology being as accurate as it is these days, I quite naturally figured this would provide everyone with an accurate picture of what I look like without actually posting a photo of myself. The results:

Now I must say, I’m not entirely sure about what to make of this… the most alarming part is trying to figure out how Oskar Schindler and Drew Barrymore could both look like the same third party. Come to think of it, what on earth is Drew Barrymore doing in this mix??

Maybe I should just tell people I look like Cary Grant. I don’t, of course, but you know… who wouldn’t want to be able to say they look like Cary Grant or Sean Connery, or someone like that? I mean, no matter how highly I esteem them, it’s not the same to go around saying I look like Ken Thompson or Jon “maddog” Hall.

As for the lookalike contest, I guess we still don’t have a winner.

Update: I just did my wife’s face — she came up as Steffi Graf, Christie Brinkley, Monica Seles, J.K. Rowling, and Sharon Stone. I have to say she came out much better than I did… which is rather to be expected!

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