I noticed yesterday that somewhere along the line I seem to have stopped serving the full text of my post in my RSS feed. This was not my intention and I’m not sure how long it’s been going on — sorry about that! WordPress has made some internal changes to the way it handles feeds, so I hope it hasn’t been this way for a long time. (Perhaps someone will be kind enough to comment and let me know.) Obviously I haven’t been checking my own feed regularly as I’ve installed various plugins, patches, and tweaks along the way.

As of yesterday, I changed this practice — I’ve set up akregator with subscriptions to each of my blogs so I can keep better tabs on what you’re seeing. And as of yesterday, I think I’ve got the right plugins and settings in WordPress worked out to override the right things and get you the full feed content. The odd images or embedded videos that I include should appear in context as well, and if not I should now catch it and be able to make the necessary tweaks for the future.

In spite of all that, the number of feed subscribers has gone up in the past few months… thanks! Normally, a partial feed is enough to make people unsubscribe. I guess… “You like me! You really like me! (Cue music…) I’m curious about a few things though:

  1. What RSS readers do people use, desktop or online?
  2. Online RSS readers — do you use the “chicklets” that people offer to subscribe to feeds? (The little “Add to My (Whatever)” buttons.)
  3. If you don’t use a reader, but visit the sites themselves regularly, why do you prefer that over an RSS reader?
  4. Anyone who uses bookmarking sites like del.icio.us or Digg, which do you prefer? If the chicklets are present to bookmark/share the item, are you more likely to flag it?

I’m thinking through version 3.0 of the website template and features right now, so some of this will be helpful to me for building that upcoming release. On that basis, anything you want to see or don’t want to see in the new version, let me know in the comments.

What the heck, if there are any topics I write about that you like, or subjects you’d like to see me tackle, hijack the thread and let me have those as well… no promises, but I’ll see what I can do!

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