I’m feeling a bit livid at the moment. I’ve done a few personal updates here in the past, and this is another, but it’s going to be very brief and end with a request for prayer. As I’ve stated, I have been living on progressive payments under a noncompete provision following my exit from the company I’d been working with. I still retain a large stake in the company, but just this morning received notice that my well may be running dry for a while… meaning they want me to take on some additional expenses right now while at the same time the payments to me would stop until sometime later this summer at the earliest. I don’t have any other “net” for income right now, so this naturally causes some financial concern, and suddenly I’m under no small amount of stress. I think I’ve mentioned that the new CEO of the company is not what I consider an honorable person… but please pray for me that I will have the good sense not to react out of the significant anger I’m feeling, and that the monthly payments due me will continue uninterrupted. I still want the company to prosper in the process, but I need to be treated fairly and appropriately, which means that their gains cannot come at my expense.

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