I saw this mentioned in a couple of places, but I’m not one to do the rapid-click at the mention of Nickelback… isn’t that one of them group the kids are listenin’ to these days? Huh? What do they sing, anyway? I stepped past that impression and finally clicked on it on Kay’s post.

The video is well done, made me think…. As small as any of our efforts might seem, it’s impossible to tell beforehand which grain of sand begins the avalanche.

And then just to drive the point home for me, I noticed something Amy Palmer posted:

A Passover reflection by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Who knows one? One is the Janjaweed militia
Who knows one? Six is the over 400,000 people who have already died.
These and more are the plagues of Darfur.

Who knows one? I know one—Rwanda.
Who knows one? I know one—Bosnia.
Who knows one? I know one—Cambodia.
There are too many ones.

And I am the child who does not know how to count:
One. Two. Four hundred thousand. Six million.
For six million are the lips of our dead mouthing “never again� in eternal silence.
Who knows one? I know one.
For I am that one.

One person created in the image of God.
It is for me alone to speak out. I and no other.
Not a messenger, not a congressperson, not a president.
I alone am here to tell the tale.
Who knows one? I am that one.
And who knows—I may be the one who will make the difference.

Which grain of sand? Banish thoughts of futility, move just one grain… it might be the one.

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