Now that warmer weather has arrived, we’re seeing the sights and signs of spring all around us. These to me include motorcycles, street-sweepers, hot dog vendors, and neighbours walking and cycling. Of course, it also includes seeing people in shorts and, where the young women are concerned, shall we say more scanty attire. So it isn’t all that unusual to see, as I did the other day, a young lady walking along a downtown sidewalk in the middle of the day listening to an iPod and wearing some form of garment that is —and I’m trying to be diplomatic and proper here— rather low-cut, enough to show off a hint or more of whatever assets she has in the cleavage department. Unfortunately I think that right about then, the poor girl could have used one of those little cases that hold an iPod clipped to your hip or something, because the thing that struck me as a little unusual was that the iPod was perched so that it was protruding up and out of the aforementioned cleavage, where it was nestled for the excursion.

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