Ten years ago this weekend, Winnipeg was hit with what was called “The Blizzard of the Century.” Some friends of ours who live just ten or twelve miles south of the city were unable to make it home, and were forced to overnight at our place… and had to walk the last couple of blocks through the snow, being unable to get the car any closer.

A month later, Winnipeg was hit with what was called “The Flood of the Century,” and these same friends had to come back to stay with us for a full month. I heard on the radio the other day that it was the worst natural disaster that most people will ever live through. Winnipeggers and everyone else in the Red River valley became expert sandbaggers, and like so many others, we all worked together feverishly to build a temporary sandbag dike around their home before my friend and I made the final trip out from their house by canoe.

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