• Matt Stone shares his experiences of their emerging house church.

    Many emerging churches you read about on the net talk about reflective spaces with edgy art installations and all sorts of creative stuff. Not us I’m afraid. Though I very much prefer contemplative styles of worship, the life stage that we and many of our friends are at simply do not allow that, silence is a luxury we don’t have.

    The format they use is simple, and will be of interest to those wondering other people do with kids in house churches. Sounds effective to me.

  • Organic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect (emersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith) Eddie Gibbs highly recommends Joseph Myers’ Organic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect (emersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith). He writes,

    In our highly mobile and fragmented living the challenge to create community remains a daunting one. Joseph Myers provides some fresh perspectives on this important topic, arguing that we need to move n our thinking from master plan to organic order. Creating community has more to do with fostering an environment than with imposing a structure.

    Update: Bob Hyatt recommends it highly as well, offering a couple of great quotes from the book: “Sometimes we focus so much on building a ‘healthy church’ that we forget to tend to the health of people.” and “When planning for organic community, the question that will move us forward is ‘What are we hoping for?’ not ‘Where are we headed?'”

  • Robbymac reviews Greg Loughry‘s newest book, Living Spirituality: Illuminating the Path. He seems to have really (really) enjoyed it. He says the “short-but-packed book around two thesis phrases: increased ambiguity and spiritual impoverishment.” and calls it “insightful, thought-provoking, and very encouraging.” Another book for my list of things I’d like to be reading! ;^)
  • Jamie Howison notes that the British slave trade was abolished 200 years ago this week, and with the popularity of the film Amazing Grace about the fight to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain, he marks the occasion by publishing the text of an address on the topic by Dr. Robert Moore in Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa.
  • Very simple, and I loved it. John La Grou quotes Philo of Alexandria: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” How Jesus-like… his post has a good graphic with it too.
  • Robert Scoble dares you not to cry as you look at Renée C. Byer’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning photos, reading the captions below as you work through them.
  • Ben Sternke reflects how Liturgical worship is missional by nature
  • Not quite new, but heating up: there’s trouble brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention as Missouri’s most powerful Baptist takes on the ’emerging church’, as reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    [Roger] Moran is one of three Missouri representatives on the executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, and last month, he took his pleas to Nashville, Tenn., where the denomination is based.

    The emerging church is “one of the most dangerous and deceptive movements to infiltrate the ranks of Southern Baptist life,” he told the executive committee.

    The Rev. Darrin Patrick, pastor of the emerging church in St. Louis called The Journey, says Moran’s kind of theology is only driving away young Christian leaders.

    “When you’re stricter than God about what he commands and permits, younger pastors are not going to play ball,” Patrick said. “They’re not going to take one for the denomination.”

  • I really liked Tina Gasperson’s list this week, called lip service… which is then defined as “…an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction.” Great list of things that we all believe enough to keep saying over and over, even enough to make hobby-horses out of some of them… but not quite enough to let it change the way we behave. Read the list and add to it, I’m sure there are more! ;^)
  • And speaking of lists:

  • Kay pass along Five Ways Churches Deal with Dead Horses, and
  • John Smulo lists 5 Problems the Emerging Missional Church Faces, the first of which is leadership, bringing us to
  • Makeesha’s random thoughts on church “structure” and leadership. To cut to the chase, a bunch of us are leaders of leaderless organizations, and none of us really know what we’re doing. She also touches on the idea of reliance on God, all of which takes us back to Tina’s list.
  • On leadership, Ed Bregnar puts forward some ideas on Leading the People formerly known as The Congregation… a few of his experiences summed up in some good thoughts.

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