• Steve Knight aptly points out that the emerging church is not monolithic. The conversation is about “decentralization, distribution of power, growing from the grassroots, the power of collective individuals combining their voices/hearts/passions behind a common mission” (the missio Dei). Yup.
  • Anthony Stiff notes that traditional churches may disdain emerging churches, but they may have created them. He writes,

    What are the Emerging Churches? They are the by-product of a youth-ministry development and sucess story over the last 30 years, they exist because traditional churches have created little to no space in the social, pastoral, or financial expenses of their communities to reach 20’s and 30’s who have emerged from youth groups. What we have is a number of consecutive generations who have been weened very painfully from the suckles of an immersion style ministry of light trusses, sound boards, bands and dramas; of catchy messages, exciting trips where spiritual stories take shape, of community development groups where intimacy is built, of radical missional focuses, and relational evanglistic techniques. These 20’s and 30’s have been forced to translate immediately and seamlessly into a larger adult amalgam where many if not all of the old immersion culture they felt is now focused on an audience who are on a cultural map 20 years beyond their own.

    I’m not sure I’d have put it quite that way, but I agree with the title thesis. My take would be not so strong on the youth group or the age-driven elements — it might be most evident in those age groups, but fundamentally, it’s really got nothing to do with age at all.

  • Site link: Living Open Source is a blog about churches using Open Source software and materials, including a lot of web resources and WordPress how-to’s, as in the “Blogging your Church with WordPress” series.
  • Messiah Bold (He)Brew Okay, I admit it, I want to link to Matt Stone on Jesus walks into a bar … in no small part because of the image.
  • The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations has been named one of Amazon’s Top Ten Business Books for 2006. The website, perhaps to make the point, makes ues of a wiki complete with a Community Portal that greets you with the words, “This is a totally open Wiki. We trust the community and appreciate your contributions, thoughts, ideas, and reflections.” Very cool… and take note that the page of More Starfish Examples neatly includes the example of Early Christianity. Nice to see someone Grok it.
  • re::mix has posted a couple of MP3s of sessions with Michael Frost on their website. I haven’t listened yet, but they’d have to be good ;^)
  • Meanwhile, Allelon posts a video of Alan Roxburgh interviewing Ryan Bolger, discussing the missional church and Allelon’s missional schools project. This one has also had a bit of a response from Mark DeVine… largely a series of questions with a critical tone toward the missional church, mostly about its view of scripture and mostly interchanging the missional church with the emerging church. In other words, he starts laying out questions for a future critique based on an erroneous presupposition.
  • John LaGrou and I were emailing this past week, and I was very pleased to find out more about the man. Somewhere in the process, I noted that he a couple of weeks ago, he reviewed Thomas Hohstadt’s new book, Beyond the Emerging Church — the End and the Beginning of a Movement, which doesn’t appear to be listed on Amazon yet.

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