Ah yes, here we are… Easter Monday. This is the day that traditionally — at least by my exegesis of our collective Christian behaviour — we celebrate by imitation the day that Jesus went back to being dead.

Sorry, I’m just in that cynical kind of mood today… but if it’s any consolation, I include myself in that about which I’m cynical. Come, folks… if Easter really changed everything, then Easter Monday is not a business-as-usual kind of day… it’s a day for realization, for deeper understanding and for continued celebration. Perhaps this is why the church calendar flips the page at Easter into the Easter Season, or Eastertide, which lasts for seven weeks until Pentecost.

You see, everything has changed. He’s alive. He’s Alive! I’ve always loved how Don Francisco tells (sings) it from Peter’s perspective. Listen for it… it comes at 3:52 in the song, when everything changes with the realization.

He’s Alive!

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