I’m having a database problem at the moment which means my comments aren’t working — you can try, but you may get an error page that looks a bit horrifying. For now, before hitting “save”, drop your comment into an email to me and if your comment doesn’t appear, email it to me. Update: things seem to be back to normal now, comment away!

This is all rather unfortunate, as I was rather hoping for some comment on a reflection I’ve just composed and posted this morning. I do hope you’ll read that reflection… it’s predicated on the fact that at Easter we can sometimes identify with one of the disciples—usually Peter. We’d like to be John, but we’re not. Sometimes we’re Judas.

I tried to drop in the first comment on the post, just to note that I hope nobody minds me dropping the f-bomb in it. It’s a bit out of character for me, but I hope it’ll make sense why, in context. Originally it said “f***ing” but it just didn’t look right.

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