The how and the why is a long story for which I blame Jamie Arpin-Ricci, but I’ve been nosing about a couple of Wikipedia articles for the past few days. The entry for Emerging church movement has just had a significant update. I’m not sure that I entirely like the definition, but a big improvement has been the deletion of the list of “prominant” people in the emerging church. I say “deleted,” but it’s actually just been moved off to a separate list-article of its own. This has the overall effect of making the list less of a joke as an appendage to the entry on the emerging church movement. It is hoped that this is going to help end the spamming of Wikipedia that had been going on with respect to this particular list. This has been going on for a while now, and for the most part, those actually involved in the emerging church movement seem to have given up on the Wikipedia entry.

The entry I probably care a bit more about would be the one for Missional living, which has just been moved back to that title after having been titled Missional Christianity, which was a re-titled merger of Missional church and Missional. At least the article is in the proper place now. Unfortunately it sounds rather like a reaction to evangelical ecclesiology and missiology… other than that, the entry is a bit thin on the actual meaning of “missional” and the distinctives sought by those within that aspect of the movement. This is actually something I’m hoping to do some more writing on in the coming days and weeks. A more thorough definition and exploration of the missional ideal has been on my mind lately, but it’s been brought to a bit of a head by the current issue of Leadership Journal — which again I blame Jamie Arpin-Ricci for the fact I was reading it, as he had recommended it. After reading Gordon MacDonald’s article on “Missionalism,” I decided LJ was editorially irresponsible and didn’t have a hot clue about what missional is. I did find some good stuff in there though, so I’m glad I kept reading. More to follow.

In the meantime, I’m curious… does anyone recognize the emerging church movement or the missional church from the descriptions afforded by the Wikipedia entries? What changes should be made to best reflect each one? Or frankly, is it worth the effort?

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